Updated: Oct 21, 2021

If you feel that you are struggling to see new guests through social media. If you feel like you’re posting pictures and putting your work out there and you’re just not seeing the results you want — we have a few tips for you!

Using hashtags and using geotags can help you attract MORE guests! Here a few different ways to use them to your advantage.


  • The little location underneath a username

  • Typically used to tag the salon company

  • We recommend: Tag a really active local coffee shop or music venue if you feel that that is where your ideal guest hangs out! This way – when he/she is scrolling through the location, your beautiful hair photos will show up in the feed and they’ll be able to come to your profile and check you out!


  • Hashtags are placed at the bottom of your text or in a comment on Instagram

  • Typically used to identify your specialty, brand partners, salon company, and location

  • We recommend: Adding tags like, #portlandcoffee if you live in Portland or #newyorkcityrestaurants if you’re in New York City. Your guests may not be scrolling through to look for a hair picture, they’re most likely looking for something to do this weekend! But again, your beautiful work will get in their line of sight and they will be able to come and check out your page.

Stylists who have used these tips have BLOWN UP their referrals! Seeing 5/10/15 referrals in a month!

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