Updated: Oct 21, 2021

What is a Brand?

Everything we do once we step inside of our salon company – whether we’re an owner, or a service provider – is our brand.

  • How we’re dressed

  • How we greet guests

  • Our conversations

  • The offers that we’re making

What is a Brand Message?

A lot of times salon owners and service providers confuse having a brand with having a brand message. Think of your brand message as your Instagram Bio description. A brand message is how you describe yourself, “Master Stylist” or “Best Salon in Dallas.”

The only way to turn a brand message into a true brand is having consistency and bridging the gap between our words and our actions.

Strengthening Your Brand

Intelligent Verbiage is what makes the difference between an inconsistent, mediocre guest experience where a guest leaves feeling unsure of where their look is going in the future and how to recreate it at home… and actually being the BEST.

We want to make sure that every guest has a beautiful experience every single time that they come and that we’re delivering that experience to everyone that we see. The way that we do this is by having standards of service and consistency in the offers that we’re making.

Service providers and salon owners who master Intelligent Verbiage are the ones that offer careers to their teams and are the career minded service providers who can build a life that they dream of in this industry.

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